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The Kingston Orchid Society started in 1988 when a group of four people with a keen interest in growing and promoting the growing of orchids, put on a small display in a local shopping mall. This, together with  an advertisement in the local paper, was the beginnings of the KOS. In 1990, KOS members mounted their first display in a large orchid show and came home with numerous ribbons, including first place for a visiting exhibit. Since then, Society members have repeated this success many times over in other shows. The Society won its first American Orchid Society (A.O.S.) award in 1992


We are a group of individuals who share a love of orchids, whether it be by growing one or several plants on a windowsill, or a number of plants in  light gardens, basement plant rooms, sunrooms or in a greenhouse.     




Annual memberships start in September and run until August, but new members are welcome at any time. Individual memberships are $20 per individual and $25 for a family (same address). The annual dues also entitle members to receive our monthly newsletter which will keep them informed or what is going on in our region, the activities of the club and includes articles on orchid culture.

We would encourage members to receive the newsletters by E-mail, which will not only be in color, but also arrive much sooner than the mail. Also the newsletter by mail costs an extra $10

We will accept cash or cheque (made out to The Kingston Orchid Society) at meetings. Annual dues can also be mailed to :

Kingston Orchid Society


Gian Frontini


66 Earl St.


Kingston  On. K7L 2G6


 If you have any questions about the Society or membership, please contact us by E-mail at

  Executive Members

President - Louise Sorensen (

Past President - Gian Frontini (

Vice President - Gian Frontini (

Treasurer - Rob Hopkins

Secretary - Linda Stroud (

Membership - Gwen Howard                    (

Program Officers - 


Librarian /  Web Site - Ken Pearce


 Newsletter Editor - Chris Pardy

Social Convener - 

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